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Apply for Accreditation

Thank you for your interest in submitting an application for NAPBC accreditation. The NAPBC is in the process of transitioning to a new application and are not able to take new applications until the new system is launched August 1. In the interim, centers interested in applying for accreditation should contact Sue Rubin with your Center Name, City, State, Your Name, E-mail Address, and telephone and you will be contacted as soon as the application is open to formally apply.

Thank you for your interest in NAPBC accreditation. The NAPBC provides the structure and resources you need to develop and operate a high-quality breast center. Programs that are accredited by the NAPBC follow a model for organizing and managing a breast center to ensure multidisciplinary, integrated, comprehensive breast cancer services.

Achieving accreditation by the NAPBC ensures your patients can be confident that your breast care team includes health care professionals from a variety of disciplines who are committed to working together to provide the best care available through their entire course of treatment.

What You Get

Education and Training

In-person workshops and webinars to educate about the standards, best practices to support compliance with the standards, and tips and techniques for preparing for the on-site visit.

Tools and Templates

Resources to assist you in recording and tracking your breast center program activity for select standards in between, and in preparation for, site visits.

Program Support

Access to the CAnswer Forum online community to ask questions, search topics, and connect with cancer program colleagues across the country to share best practices.

Marketing Resources

Promote your NAPBC-accreditation to your community with a variety of resources made available to accredited programs including certificates, posters, and banner stands. Your breast center is also promoted to the public through the American College of Surgeons Find an Accredited Breast Center tool.

Strengthen your program. Improve outcomes. Become a NAPBC-accredited breast center.









  • Receive access to the NAPBC accreditation portal.
  • Provide dates for a NAPBC site visit.
  • Receive formal confirmation of site visit date.
  • Site reviewer conducts on-site review and submits report to the NAPBC for processing.
  • Receive survey results/performance report within 45 days of on-site visit.
  • Promote your NAPBC accreditation.